Don’t Keep Score in your Marriage

Don't Keep Score Marriage

If you do something for your spouse you shouldn’t necessarily expect something in return. And if he or she does something for you, an expectation shouldn’t be placed that you reciprocate. In other words, keeping score in a marriage is a bad idea. If one party feels unappreciated it can lead to all kinds of problems, misconceptions and quarrels. Instead, discuss the tasks that have to be completed and what role each of you can play ( What are your strengths and weaknesses, how can you contribute, and what are the best ways your partner can contribute?

Resentment and anger may result in keeping score. Instead, focus on contributing to your marriage together. If you feel you are giving all the time, talk to your spouse about it in an honest and nonjudgmental way. You don’t have to say yes to everything, or do what is expected if it is unreasonable. But if you talk it out, make plans and let each person hold him or herself accountable for their functions and tasks in the marriage, it will be happy, run smoothly, and your marriage will be stronger for it.

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