Do you have the Qualities to make a Good Wife?


Are you single and your biological clock is ticking? Or perhaps you want to know why all the guys you date pass you by, or pull away, yet end up marrying someone else? Maybe you just want to know if you have the qualities to make a good wife. Or maybe you’re a guy wondering if your girlfriend fits the bill. Whatever your reasoning, there is no secret math equation that guys use to judge whether or not a woman makes the grade. First, it depends if physical and emotional chemistry is there. That’s what helps get couple’s together. The next thing men notice are a woman’s behaviors and how she acts in certain situations. Guys evaluate how that’s going to play out in the future. Will she be a hassle, a nag, an enigma, someone who shoots barbs across the breakfast table? Or will she be resourceful, independent, supportive, caring, engaged, enthusiastic, and a team player? Here are some other qualities. She should be trustworthy. No one wants to come home and find the bank account has been cleared out. Or find her sitting in bed with your best friend. These are extreme cases of course. But you don’t want to spend your life looking over her shoulder. It’ just not worth it. Guys look to see if she has the same beliefs. You don’t have to share a belief system, just a set of norms and values. If these are totally off, it’s never going to work, no matter what you do.

A guy, if he’s the right guy, wants his lady to make him a better person. If she’s stealing the silverware off the table in a fancy restaurant, or slipping the china into her purse he’s going to think twice about her. If a guy’s family or friends act strangely when she’s around, and she doesn’t fit in with them, a red flag goes off in his head. But if she can get along, and becomes part of the gang, she’s in. Is she responsible? If she doesn’t have any food in the refrigerator and no money for car payments, but her closet is full of the latest fashions, a man takes notice. This is not the marrying type unless you are a millionaire or even a billionaire. He also wants a responsible wife to help him take care of the household and the children should there be any. He wants someone he can depend on. Of course women want this, too. Is she smart, funny, and can she carry on a great conversation? No one wants to date someone whom they find boring, let alone marry them. Guys want to be loved as they are. If a woman starts to try changing them, they may go along with it for a while. But sooner or later he’s going to assert himself. And he won’t be marrying her, he’ll be getting rid of her. A guy wants someone that will have his back. He wants a wife that he can share his passions with and his life. He wants a partner, a friend, and a lover for life, even if it is marriage number two or more. To learn more about what makes a woman a good wife, read the advice of Lasana Smith in her book, Get A Ring On It: 10 Secrets To Becoming Wife Material.

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