Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

long distance relationships work

Have you ever fallen in love with someone and they moved away? Perhaps you lived somewhere and you moved back home. Or is your significant other away at school, in the military or some other special program? Many people enter into long distance relationships and for many reasons. Do long distance relationships work? Any relationship takes work, and many things can put stress on the relationship. A long distance relationship has to be carefully maintained for it to function. It may look like a romantic adventure in the beginning, but it’s trickier to maintain in the long run. If you have the right outlook and you are prepared emotionally, a long distance relationship can work (

Luckily, today there’s Skype, Face Time, cell phones, and so many other ways to keep in touch. If you didn’t spend much time together and communicated electronically most of the time, it may not be a big deal; but if you’re used to being together all the time, a long distance relationship may be a real strain. You might feel weird being reunited after a long time apart. A good sign that you are going to stay together is when you’ve made long term plans together. If you’re not thinking long term, then what’s the point? It’s difficult to stay monogamous within a long distance relationship, particularly over a long period of time. Make sure you are both willing to stick with it. Lastly, make sure you both expect the same things from this relationship. If not, it could be a recipe for disaster.

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