Dealing with Racism in a Biracial Relationship

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Since the landmark law in 1967 allowing biracial marriage in America, couples from two different races have been steadily growing. In fact, biracial relationships are at an all-time high, as is the acceptance of these relationships. However, racism is still part of our social landscape. In no instance did this become more apparent than with the release of a YouTube Cheerios commercial. The composition was the same as any other with one exception, the little girl was of mixed race and the couple portrayed in the advertisement was biracial. So many racist comments and backlashes against the racism were added that the comments part had to be taken down. This episode actually became a national news story. Even though we’ve come a long way, there are still elements of racism. And if you are dating or considering marrying someone of another race, and your family doesn’t approve, what do you do?

It’s important to note how you feel about each other. Is this the one? Are you in a committed relationship? How do you treat each other? Evaluate your relationship first. Have a heart to heart talk about where you are and where you think this may be leading. If you are positively in love, treat each other well and couldn’t think about being without one another, then facing your disapproving family is the best option. They are the ones with the problem, not you. It should be approached in a mature manner with lots of discussion. Don’t lose hope if you at first hit a brick wall. It can take some time for people to accept someone outside their comfort zone. Be gentle yet firm, and sooner or later they are bound to come around. If not, find something that provides some common ground but keep up your efforts. Never give up on the one you truly love. If this is not a long term, committed relationship, you have no need to stir up trouble.

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