What Causes Love at First Sight?


What Causes Love at First Sight?

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Ever wonder what causes it? Scientists may have a clue. New research claims that biology is behind the love at first sight phenomenon. Researchers state that people often form a quick opinion of someone. Some scientists believe that people know in as little as three minutes whether or not the person they are evaluating is a potential love interest. Same was true when it came to close friendships. Folks who enjoyed each other’s company within the first few minutes of meeting had a close friendship after nine weeks. But what causes love at first sight? It may have more to do with our bodies than our minds. Research reveals that humans, like other animals seek out mates that they are compatible with genetically. Some scientists believe that our genes program us to be able to recognize the most compatible mate genetically.

This genetic predisposition is an element of evolution. Nature wanted us to have the best chance at creating healthy offspring. Still, it seems a little more sophisticated than all of that. 50% of Americans believe in love at first sight. It doesn’t happen to everyone, and it doesn’t occur in the sexes equally. Research has found that men were more likely to be hit by cupid’s arrow than women were. Some scientists believe that this is due to men being more likely to respond to visual cues than women are. Women gradually develop trust with men. Younger folks are more apt to believe in love at first sight than their elders. People over 50 experience instant love far less often than younger people, according to a Gallup poll. This may be due to an older person’s experience with relationships. To learn about the chances of someone experiencing love at first sight, among other things, read The Book of Odds: From Lightning Strikes to Love at First Sight, The Odds of Everyday Life by Amram Shapiro, Louise Firth Campbell and Rosalind Wright.

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