Divorce Attorneys Will Try to Prolong Your Case

Divorce Attorneys Prolong Case

Attorneys may tell you they want to help make the divorce process as quick, easy, and painless as possible, however, (thinking like an attorney), you must realize that the longer you remain their client, the more money they’re getting from you.  This doesn’t mean your attorney doesn’t want you to succeed in your divorce case, quite the contrary!  However, your attorney is providing you with a service that is complex by nature, meaning that it will be up to the individual attorney’s discretion how long each task will take.  The more complex your divorce is, the more time and resources your attorney will need to put into it.

Your attorney is on your side, but take as much control over the process as you can to ensure that time isn’t wasted on trivial matters and the primary focus is on securing your financial assets and other matters that are important to you.  Be sure that you’re receiving a detailed invoice of the legal services rendered and go over it thoroughly (possibly with an accountant if you have one).

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