The best Pickup Lines are Strategies

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The best Pickup Lines are Strategies

Got your eye on that cute waiter at your local Friday night place? Want to meet that pretty girl in accounting? But what can you say? It’s not easy to break the ice. You don’t want to appear lame or like you can’t get a date. You want to dazzle them. But what do you say? Relax, we’ve got you covered. The best pickup lines aren’t lines at all, they’re strategies. Master these and you won’t find yourself without a date for long. Try the Fly-by flirt. If you see someone you are interested in checking out the toothbrushes, point out the cheapest one. Tell them to get a little candy, you can’t always be serious. And when you see them at the checkout line, ask if they want to relax over coffee. Just some little witty comments as you brush by someone will get them interested in you, may brighten their day and will give you an in to strike up a further conversation later on. You can try the direct approach. Simply walk up to them, introduce yourself and tell them you find them attractive. Everyone likes to be found attractive. And if they are rude to you, that reflects poorly on them not on you. It takes a lot of guts. But really, what do you have to lose?

Are you a college student, or do you work on projects outside your home or office? Ask someone a question who you think is attractive in the library, classroom, coffee house, bar, restaurant or wherever you study or work. Ask them how many people they think get hit on in a coffee house versus the overall number of patrons who visit the place per day. That way, you aren’t directly hitting on the person but you are starting a conversation in an interesting way. If you like to play bar games such as foosball, pool, darts or shuffleboard but you see someone attractive you want to get to know, invite them to play with you. Tell them you need a partner. If you have one ask your friend to sit this one out and pretend he or she has a hurt wrist. It’s a great way to get to know them in a fun way. Here’s a great strategy, flatter them. But not the typical kind of flattery, it has to be something really unique and specific to them. Tell them their eyes are the green of the sea you fell in love with on summer vacations as a child. Tell them they are the best looking person you’ve ever seen in a suit or a dress! Tell them you just had to let them know that they have the brightest smile and the biggest laugh and it just warmed your heart seeing them from the other side of the room. Who wouldn’t want to date someone who says things like that? Lastly, ask them a question. If you see something in their cart at the supermarket, ask them about it. Is it spicy? How do you prepare it? And let the conversation float on from there. For more advice on this topic, read Pickups & Come-Ons: Lines for all Occasions by Knock Knock.

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