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Do you think you have a bad girlfriend? Or maybe you are coming to the conclusion that you are a bad girlfriend? Nothing can bring your life down like a bad relationship. But sometimes we can be bad, or be with someone who is bad, and not even know it. Denial is one thing there is no lack of in the human psyche. But how can you become aware of what is going on and how to fix the issue, if it is in fact fixable? Here are some bad girlfriend warning signs. See if your gal or you yourself fit these. First, what is the maintenance level?  Bad girlfriends are extremely high maintenance. They need to eat at the best restaurants, shop at the finest stores, dress to the nines, and have their man do so, and be the center of attention at all times. Of course, this is a little extreme. But I think you get the picture. Most guys are pretty easy going, though there are fair shares of high maintenance guys, too. Still, most really high maintenance women become too much trouble after a while, are exhausting, and the nuance wears off quick, leading to a bad girlfriend, and eventually a dumped girlfriend. Extreme jealousy is another issue that is very tough to deal with. A woman who is constantly spying on her boyfriend, checking up on him, and is furious if he’s in the same room as another woman makes for a terrible girlfriend.

Complete self-centeredness makes for a bad girlfriend. If a guy’s entire day is supposed to revolve around his woman, if he can’t go to the bathroom without her say-so, this is a bad relationship and she certainly has serious control and manipulation issues. If his mother was like this, or he has no self-esteem or self-worth, he may stick around. But this is a toxic relationship. Anyone who has even an iota of self-respect is getting out of there pronto. A woman who complains most of the time makes a terrible girlfriend. Who wants to be around her? Of course we all complain sometimes. It’s about frequency. But a person can only take so much complaining before they are out the door. A woman who tries to change her guy is not a good partner. Of course we all make changes. Most of the time these come naturally or are decided upon mutually. But if she has a to-do list of how exactly to change him, he may accommodate her for a while. He may even agree. But sooner or later he’s going to bristle against all these changes and refuse to make them. And where will the relationship be then? Everyone has to be who they are. Lastly, a woman who criticizes her guy openly, and even in front of everyone, makes a horrible girlfriend. This is not fair and it’s not right. This should be done privately and in a positive manner. Keep an eye out for these warning signs so you don’t date, or become, a bad girlfriend. If you are a woman who thinks you might be a bad girlfriend, Author Love Goddess offers some insight in her book, How to be a Good Girlfriend: Love & Relationships, how to have a healthy relationship, & how to keep your boyfriend.

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