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Welcome to!  This site was established by Dr. Muhammad Mirza, a New Jersey based Medical Doctor going through his own battle with divorce.  His goal was to create a site that would provide advice to help others going through the divorce process.  Some of the advice from this site comes from the Doctor’s personal experience and has been applied in a more general sense so that it can relate to others facing similar obstacles.  To add more depth to the site, the doctor hired a freelance writer and blogger, Philip Perry, to compose blogs derived from the latest news and media articles relevant to divorce and general relationship complications. These include supporting research from reputable sources on current divorce statistics, facts, laws and policies, social media, sociology and psychology, the experiences of other divorcees, and more.  Our website managers, responsible for adding images and hyperlinks and publishing the articles, grew up in a divorced household and have contributed insights into this area of the blog.

We highly encourage our followers to leave comments and/or questions on various tips and to send private messages through the ‘Contact Me’ option, as we would like to welcome the wisdom and insights of others impacted by divorce.  Please feel free to contact our site privately or submit a comment.  Our preference is for divorce advice that is mature and sensible, not attacking or demeaning towards others or of an inappropriate nature.  Approval of any comments or insights could be developed into future tips on the site!

We encourage all followers to contribute to this site.  We want this site to be helpful and informative for everyone and we have writers from various perspectives contributing advice daily.

We hope that the tips from this site have been helpful for you and thank you for visiting!

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