A Reality Check for Women


There are so many amazing women out there and you are one of them. Yet, dating is not without its pitfalls. Sooner or later you are bound to get into an uncomfortable situation. There are certain female behaviors that women sometimes take part in to get a particular outcome, but these women need a reality check. Often their extreme behaviors cause the romance’s demise. First, some women withhold sex to make sure the guy is committed and to make themselves more of a “catch”. But the truth is commitment isn’t attributed to sex. At least not anymore. Those guys who are only in it for sex, it becomes like a game to them. They don’t care how long they have to wait. But when they finally sleep with her, that’s when they take off. In fact, it becomes a win or lose game that the player bases his pride on. A guy who is into commitment is in a commitment mindset. That doesn’t mean you have to sleep with him on the first date, but don’t freak out if something like that happens. If he really likes you he wills tick around. But sometimes men think women withhold sex unfairly and that irks him, which really isn’t helping the relationship. Instead, just have sex whenever you are ready.

Some men in the beginning of a relationship can be addicted to drama. They like the excitement it brings to their lives. But the nuance will not last. In fact, drama is likely to push a good guy, the kind you want, away. They type of guys who like drama like that feeling, that rush in their lives. They may also be abusive, manipulative or controlling, not good relationship emotions. Instead, try to be in control. Handle your emotions like a mature adult. Let him see you vulnerable. Just be authentic; that’s really the most important thing. But creating unnecessary drama or being known for it just isn’t going to get you the kind of dates that you want. Don’t complain about your looks over and over to your guy. Your man is fine with how you look. It’s one reason, though not the only one for sure, that he’s dating you. When women complain over and over about their looks, not only is this behavior annoying, it makes your man reassess whether or not you are right. This may bring you down in your man’s view, not up. Try to find some positive ways to seek validation. Instead of complaining to him about how you look, why not ask a positive question, what your best physical feature is to him. You could even wear something a little provocative and gauge how he reacts. That’s a positive way to get some validation and make him happy. Remember that you aren’t there to fix one another. You can’t really change anyone but yourself. Learn to love your man for who he is just as you love yourself for who you are. For more positive experiences in dating, check out Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve by Matthew Hussey.

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